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Build a Stronger Smile with Dental Implants

If you have lost one or more teeth, you can regain natural chewing function through a restorative treatment called a dental implant. The titanium post replaces the root of a tooth. Once one of our doctors places a custom crown, implant-supported bridge, or implant-supported denture on your implant, you can enjoy the many benefits of this tooth replacement solution. While many dental offices outsource advanced treatments like dental implant placement, Dr. Mack Greder and Dr. Jennifer Greder perform most oral surgeries, including dental implants, right here at our Omaha, NE, dental office. Greder Dental Group, which was founded in 1970, also serves patients in Council Bluffs, Bellevue, and Papillion-La Vista.

A man looking at his new dental implants in a mirror.
Patients who undergo dental implant placement can benefit from improved chewing function, boosted self-confidence, and a long-term solution to tooth loss.

Are You a Candidate for Implants?

Model of implant-supported dental crown.If you are missing teeth or have severely decayed teeth, you may be an ideal candidate for dental implants. Our dental office offers three types of dental implants:

  • Same-day implants
  • Traditional implants (both metal and zirconia)
  • Mini implants

Before dental implant placement can be scheduled, one of our doctors will need to determine if you have adequate jawbone tissue density to receive the implant posts. Risk factors that can complicate candidacy for dental implants include:

  • Smoking
  • Heavy alcohol consumption
  • Certain prescriptions
  • Unmanaged diabetes
  • Poor oral hygiene

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental crown and bridge on table top.Dental implants are placed in the jawbone, which makes them the most secure option for tooth replacement. If you have lived with removable, traditional dentures, you know that they are prone to slipping. Even fixed bridges cannot offer the superior stability and natural function that dental implants afford.

If you have thought about dental implants but don’t know where to begin, we can arrange a consultation with one of our doctors to walk you through the dental implant process.

The titanium posts also support jaw health since the implant acts like a tooth root and stimulates jawbone growth. Patients who undergo dental implant placement at our dental practice can benefit from:

  • Improved chewing function
  • Improved clarity of speech
  • Boosted self-confidence
  • No more worries about slipping dentures
  • Prevention of teeth shifting
  • A long-term solution to tooth loss

A Look at the Dental Implant Procedure

Model of implant-supported full denture.At Greder Dental Group, our doctors can complete every step of the dental implant placement, from initial oral surgery to the final fitting of your crown, bridge, or denture. Once your candidacy has been established, a date will be set for your initial oral surgery. During the dental implant procedure, one of our doctors will administer local anesthesia and possibly sedation to ensure that you are comfortable.

A small incision will be made in your gums, and the implant post will be placed in the jawbone. The final step involves suturing the incisions and placing gauze over the surgical area to control bleeding. Patients can expect swelling near the surgical site for two to three days following the initial implant surgery.

Our dental implant options typically require a four to six month healing period. For traditional dental implants, a second appointment will be made to place small metal attachments (abutments) that will be used to hold your crown, bridge, or denture in place. Once the abutment has fully healed, your custom prosthetic will be attached. Dental implant aftercare is similar to general oral hygiene habits. We recommend daily brushing and flossing and six-month checkups.

Cost Factors

A woman with a healthy smile.To place a single implant and crown, patients should expect to pay around $3,000. The total cost of your dental implant treatment will vary depending on the number of implants that are placed and the type of prosthetic you are seeking. Our office accepts CareCredit® financing to help patients afford treatment.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you have thought about dental implants but don’t know where to begin, contact our office online or call Greder Dental at (402) 558-6220. We can arrange a consultation with one of our doctors to walk you through the dental implant process. We encourage patients to come prepared with questions.

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