Implant-Supported Dentures


Greder Dental in Omaha, NE, offers implant-supported dentures to replace most or all of the teeth on the upper or lower dental arch. Unlike traditional dentures, this option can allow you to speak and chew without ever having to worry that your denture will slip out of place. Dental implants also minimize the bone resorption that naturally occurs after tooth loss. During a consultation, Mack E. Greder, DDS, and Jennifer Greder, DDS, can determine if this option is right for you. 

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are held in place using a combination of suction and a mild adhesive. They restore some degree of function, but can easily shift out of place. However, dentures that attach to dental implants remain firmly in place at all times. Because the implants prevent the jaw atrophy that normally follows tooth loss, this solution can help you to maintain your oral health and avoid developing “sunken” facial features.

Determining Your Candidacy

Implant-supported dentures are often recommended when most teeth have been lost or require extraction, but the jawbone is strong enough to support implants. If the jaw has suffered some atrophy, a bone grafting procedure may be necessary to restore candidacy for implants. 

Our dentists use the most advanced technology, like digital x-rays and a cone beam CT scanner, to evaluate each patient. 

Your ability to heal is also key to the success of dental implants. Because smoking slows the healing process, the best candidates either do not smoke or are willing to break the habit. Diabetic patients can receive implants, but the condition must be controlled.

The Procedure: Implant Placement and Restoration

Two surgeries are typically required for patients who are receiving implant-supported dentures. First, titanium dental implants are placed in the jawbone. After healing is complete (usually within three to six months), a second surgical procedure is required to expose and prepare the top of the implant.

We can often support an entire denture using just four implants.

After the implants have fused with the bone, special connection devices called abutments are attached to the implants and a second, shorter recovery period is necessary. Once the gums heal, we can take impressions of your implants and dental arches to begin crafting your permanent implant-supported denture. We can provide a temporary denture in the meantime.

Why Choose Our Practice?

Greder Dental has been helping patients achieve brighter, healthier smiles since 1970. Our dentists use the most advanced technology, like digital x-rays and a cone beam CT (computed tomography) scanner, to evaluate each patient. When considering implant placement, a CT scan lets your dentist evaluate the health of your jaw and create the best placement strategy.

The All-on-4 Advantage

In addition to traditional implant dentures, which often require six to eight implants, Greder Dental in Omaha offers All-on-4® dentures. Requiring only one surgical procedure, this treatment plan provides a temporary prosthesis the day of your initial dental implant surgery, which involves placing just four implants. Once you are fully healed, you can receive your permanent denture.

Some patients choose this option because unlike traditional implant-supported dentures, All-on-4 can be performed even if you have suffered some jaw atrophy. This option allows many patients to avoid the need for bone grafting and quickly experience the benefits of a fully restored smile.

Financing Is Available

Your custom denture will likely be partially or fully covered by insurance, but dental implants are considered an elective procedure. To help you afford the advanced level of care you deserve, we accept in-office financing.

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At Greder Dental, we understand you may have concerns and questions about implant-supported dentures or our other services. Contact Greder Dental of Omaha online or call (402) 558-6220 today to schedule an evaluation and meet with our caring team. 

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