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Dentures Can Replace an Entire Arch of Teeth 

If you have widespread tooth loss, you may be experiencing difficulties chewing and speaking, as well as feel insecure about your smile. Dentures are prosthetics designed to replace several teeth or an entire dental arch. At Greder Dental, we can provide both traditional and implant-supported dentures to help you restore your smile. While providing high-quality dental solutions is our priority, we also believe that you deserve friendly service that caters to your overall well-being. Drs. Mack E. Greder and Jennifer Greder are Omaha, NE, natives and are dedicated to caring for you as they would their own family.

full and partial dentures
We provide both traditional and implant-supported dentures, allowing us to tailor treatment to your needs.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. They consist of false teeth set in a gum-colored acrylic base. Depending on the extent of tooth loss, a partial or full denture may be best suited for you. Partial dentures are used to replace a few teeth, while full dentures are provided for an entire dental arch. 

Traditional vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are secured using clasps or a dental adhesive but also rely on natural suction. While many patients find traditional dentures suitable and within their budget, implant-supported dentures offer significant benefits. With this treatment solution, your denture will be secured using a dental implant which is surgically placed within the jawbone for unparalleled stability. These titanium posts prevent the denture from sliding out of place, allowing you to chew properly and speak clearly.

Additionally, traditional dentures will need to be replaced after several years as your jawbone will continue to shrink over time. Implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, prevent jawbone atrophy. We can provide All-on-4®, which allow you to receive a temporary prosthesis the same day as your dental implant surgery for immediate restoration. 

The Treatment Process

The dentures treatment process typically entails two to three appointments. If you are also receiving dental implants, your treatment will likely take longer than traditional dentures alone.

Initial Consultation

You will first attend a consultation with one of our doctors. During this appointment, they will complete a thorough examination of your oral health using advanced imaging to provide detailed insight. At this time, you can also discuss any concerns and your budget. All these factors will be considered when your doctor provides their treatment recommendation. 

Crafting and Placing Your Denture

To prepare for your prosthesis, your doctor will first extract any necessary teeth. After the extraction, you will receive temporary dentures which are worn for about four to six months. If you are receiving dental implants, you will need to heal for about three to six months before your final denture can be provided. 

We have been providing leading dental care to patients for over 30 years and can help you find a solution that allows you eat, speak, and smile confidently. 

Once your smile is prepared, your doctor will need to take an impression which will be used as a model for your denture. All our large restorations are created at a trusted lab. Typically, it takes about two to four weeks for your custom prosthetic to be fabricated.

While we can provide immediate dentures, they generally do not fit as well. For most patients, we often recommend waiting for a lab-crafted appliance. When you receive your dentures, we will ensure that they fit comfortably and securely for the best possible results. 

Financing & Insurance

Traditional dentures are typically covered by insurance. However, implant-supported dentures are not. To help make treatment more affordable, we accept financing through CareCredit® and First National Bank in Omaha. 

Fully Restore Your Smile

Do not allow missing teeth to affect your quality of life, contact us online or call us at (402) 558-6220 to learn more about our denture options. Our team at Greder Dental has been providing leading dental care to patients for over 30 years and can help you find a solution that allows you to eat, speak, and smile confidently.  

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